The easy approach out of replying to this subject is to easily say “If you must ask, you may never know”. Equally with musical color, or timbre; the 19th century produced an important profusion of compositions, notably in the orchestral repertoire (e.g., works by Liszt and Berlioz) that exploited the unique sonorities of instruments; management of volume was, in itself, a wealthy source of & art

Furthermore, the very concept of listening as an attentive (and typically rigorous), severe, and vital activity of the music lover gained acceptance only slowly, following the inauguration of public concert events, and is still vigorously & art

He foresaw experimentation with a much richer repertoire of sounds, transcending musical instruments and drawing on no matter sources—certainly digital ones—are available for realizing probably the most normal orchestra.” A host of composers got down to fulfill this desideratum.

Do not submit works in numerous media simply to prove that you have tried things, but solely ship photos from totally different mediums if you are truly engaged in them and are all in favour of doing similar to painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, digital pictures, video and many others.

Langer was accused of having somewhat weakened her argument by a vacillating terminology, and he or she described the musical symbol as unconsummated” due to its ambiguity However the validity of her theory did not depend upon the time period symbol; her thought, certainly, had a lot in common with that of Edmund Gurney, who didn’t make use of the term and whose splendid motion, if substituted for image, would remove most of her critics’ & art