The top 10 songs to obtain for those sunny days cruising in your VW beetle, or off-roading adventures in Scotland or even flying down Route 66 in your VW bike. Al Needham is joined by Neil Kulkarni and Taylor Parkes for a Stan-out-of-On-The-Buses-like leer at the dawn of the Seventies, breaking off to talk about our fathers’ love of dog food, why Country Dancing was a factor in West Midlands schools, the toys we never got and still need, and being dissatisfied to discover that colour TELEVISION was just a load of dots, chart music

Musicwise, we carom from Ultravox awkwardly dancing behind synths to Legs & Co channelling the spirit of the Worldwide Day episode of Peppa Pig to the Dad in Worzel Gummidge performing an outdated song which isn’t a patch on I Received Those Cannot Get Sufficient Of Those Blue Riband Blues to Grace Jones with a fag on to David Bowie’s lifeless expensive new video to Abba placing a proper downer on everything at the finish with their grownup relationship break-up palaver.

Things begin weirdly with Simon Bates trying like a supply teacher and the return of Slade and Alvin, but then it is wave after wave of ‘bands’ that do not even have proper drums and make records by simply pressing a button, do not you know, interspersed with black men slinking about and even getting skinheads to wave their fingers within the chart musictop chart music

The company regards a specific period of the New Musical Specific chart (solely from 1952 to 1960) and the Record Retailer chart from 1960 to 1969 as predecessors for the interval prior to 11 February 1969, where multiples of competing charts (none official) coexisted facet by facet.

(Rules I had made up – like considering an album had to comprise 10 songs.) If it hurt when she kept Steps’ Heartbeat from its rightful No 1 spot, it was nothing in contrast with the injustice she dealt to Bryan Adams and Mel C’s When You are Gone.