There’s a reason that nearly any “stress relief” music CD could have some sort of nature sound as he essential background. Amongst other issues, UPLIFT is also a meeting place for visionary musicians who’re devoted to lift consciousness and produce a message of Oneness, Peace and Love in action wherever they go. We’re honored and blessed to have a diverse and incredible group of musicians coming to share their presents at UPLIFT 2014, all of whom reside examples of the potent powers of music.

It’s been the other of Biophilia, the place I basically minimize everything off and created this area, went to a foreign island, and decided to make all these crops develop simultaneously; the technology, the programming, the music writing, the lyric writing.nature music

A luscious exploration of the pure world, Smarty Vegetation effortlessly integrates pioneering science with a light hearted look at how plants behave, revealing a world where crops are as busy, responsive and sophisticated as we’re.nature musicnature music

There are actual reasons that outcome from the restricted scope of pitch, the furthur limitation of human hearing, and the even furthur limitation of human aesthetic preferences, by way of which musical intervals is not going to have the identical capacities or characteristics as numbers in our mathematical system.

Nonetheless, to the extent that intervals perform inside the constraints of the twelve tone equal temperament musical system, intervals operate with enough structural similarity to mathematical numbers as to be the numbers of our pitch based music.