The Avant Music Community….is a network for everybody. Multimedia music content house owners and distributors (publishers, archives, libraries, music retailers, conservatories, and many others.) are strongly fascinated about exploiting new methods of distribution and new interactive multimedia music functionalities.

He has been concerned in the music business for 20 years. India Music Community and OK HEAR function India’s most sensational musicians. UNESCO has distinguished the New Music Network as a model challenge which promotes cultural diversity and the creation of progressive constructions.

He’s the founder and manager of Arruada, an agency that manages and promotes a vast rooster of artists and bands, including Buraka Som Sistema, Mallu Magalhães or Regula. Musician (Portugal) An business hustler, João is one of the founders of Porto finest electro-rock band network

A debate hosted by Dr Jennie Henley and Professor Lee Higgins exploring the notions of excellence and inclusion within music programmes in neighborhood and social contexts. A panel member should not benefit financially from the panel on the same yr they sit on it. Music Community is in the end responsible right network

A wild jumble of songs about an entire mess of issues to make you cheerful, make you think, make you’re feeling, make you snicker. Alex is D’ALVA, Portuguese pop phenomenon band with a really dynamic social media technique that displays and strengthens the close relation with fans making his music even brighter to a millennial generation of contemporary network