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Fanney Law Office: How to Deal With an Out of State Criminal Offense

Being charged with a criminal offense outside an accused permanent residence or state is more difficult to deal with as compared to facing a criminal charge within the state. The jurisdiction in prosecuting the offense belongs to the state in which the alleged crime happened. If you live in California, and you are arrested for drunk driving in North Carolina, then the state of North Carolina has the right to prosecute you for that offense. Outside of state criminal charges can be difficult for the accused most especially when he is released on bail or the case is pending, having to return to the state n which the defendant is tried every time there is a required court appearance.

It is not good to just return home without facing the criminal charges filed against you in another state because you will still be arrested in your state basing on extradition or with the request of another state. For misdemeanor such as drunk driving or breach of peace, many states allow the defendant to hire his own local attorney to appear on his behalf in most criminal proceedings. This means that you would not be bothered taking off from work and no need to travel and pay for any travel expenses just to defend yourself because a criminal defense lawyer can help you. If you are arrested for a felony, the judge will require posting of a bail, which is a kind of guarantee that you will appear in court for further proceedings. If the defendant appears before the court, then the bail will be refunded, and it will be forfeited if the defendant fails to appear before the court and will be arrested and held in custody while the trial is still pending. Remember that the conviction becomes a part of the public record once you are convicted of a crime, following future employers and other interested parties, so it is crucial to comply with all the rules and regulations in the jurisdiction in which you’re charged and work with a competent criminal defense attorney for the best possible outcome of the case.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is a good way to face charges when charged with a criminal offense because he is specialized in questioning witnesses, concessions, and in giving sound legal advice to clients for the best course of action that the defendant must undertake for best possible outcomes. It is crucial to take into consideration the communication skills, credentials, experience, reputation, aggressiveness, confidentiality, and the legal fees of the criminal defense lawyer before hiring him as your defense lawyer. You can visit our website so we can help you find the best criminal defense lawyer for you.

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