In addition to fresh and make a warm stomach, it turns out tea can make our dream come true grant our hope why? Because of the fact, there are lots of good content in tea that can make us suggest things that are good for ourselves. So how it works?

So according to research from a scientist, Suzzanne Einother, it turns out the tea drinking habits really effective for our mood. Drinking a tea, positive energy flowing to all body system and of course to impact really good for us to starting a day. Not just down it, even we do not have the will to move forward because our thoughts are afflicted with negative energy. Fatal right?

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Eits, that’s not just at all, another also added there are many other benefits of tea. One of them, we are more creative thinking. It based on true research! The research undertaken in the Dutch company involving 150 participants was divided into three groups. The first group was asked to make a cup of tea, and the second group was given some candy, and the third group was given a glass of water. Next, the participants were tested for their mood, creativity and motivation. Then, participants are asked to make their own happy moment story, play the words, draw the alien and look for the correct answer for the anagram puzzle.


Usefulness of green tea is believed to give us more energy! The addition of black chai or a kind of spice to the deep green tea stew is also better. Because black tea has a healthy dose of caffeine. This mixture is guaranteed to make new energy throughout our body.


Are you typical of people who are hard to focus? Again and again, drinking tea is the best answer! Green tea can be a ‘castle’ for guarding leveling your focus we make learning. In addition to green tea, peppermint tea can also give new energy let us always focus in all situations. oh In addition, black tea is also proven to keep the cognitive function of our body, you know. Because based on research from Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health, drink two cups of black tea each day can added our performance. Suitable really drunk warm when want to learn or when exam week yes girls!


Insomnia is not good anymore! When everyone breaks at night, we can’t even sleep. And the next day even make the body so super not fresh, not to mention the panda eyes that make the appearance is not maximal. Calm down girls! Try to drink chamomile tea, rooibos or lavender made us feel sleepy more quickly. This herbal tea really suited for the relaxation of the body that makes us sleep at night. Bye-Bye insomnia!